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$24 Million Federal Grant to NYU Langone Family Health Centers Strengthens Community Health Care for Underserved New Yorkers

The 2-year grant is part of a $350 billion relief program allocated to state and local governments to help individuals and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Family Health Center grant is the second largest in New York State, where 63 qualified federal health centers received funding to strengthen community health care.

“Strengthening healthcare infrastructure in underserved communities through this visionary plan improves New York City general state of health,” says Larry McReynolds, executive director of NYU Langone Family Health Centers. “This significant award recognizes the merit of each program outlined in our grant proposal and empowers us to do so much more to make a difference in thousands of lives.”

The funding bolsters a range of programs at NYU Langone Family Health Centers, including the following:

  • COVID-19 education and vaccination: Increase community awareness, testing and treatment.
  • Expansion of behavioral health staff and services: Strengthen an overburdened network of mental health services and professionals by improving access to behavioral screening, telehealth and in-person treatment; care coordination and crisis response; support efforts to reduce substance abuse and social stress; and reach more New Yorkers who are homeless.
  • Technological upgrades impacting community health: Strengthen technological infrastructure, including testing equipment for chronic diseases exacerbated by COVID-19; High-speed Internet; hardware; and call center upgrades to improve FHC’s ability to effectively assess and refer patients to services.
  • Training and dental care: Resuming the FHC dental training program, which was interrupted at the onset of COVID-19; increase enrollment to expand the pool of dentists serving the surrounding community; and strengthen screening and oral health services for children and adults.
  • Pediatric and Adult Pulmonary Programs: Improving disease detection, treatment and prevention; and adding new state-of-the-art lung care equipment.
  • Social determinants of health: Expand community outreach programs through the FHC, such as Table pantry and emergency food distribution; professional training; child care; community health education programs; and access to vaccines.
  • Expand access to primary care services: Increase support related to COVID-19 using nurse practitioners and community health workers to better manage the care of high-risk patients with diabetes, hypertension and other chronic conditions; and expanding medical and behavioral health services to five additional homeless shelters across New York City.
  • Support community partners: A portion of the grant dollars has been designated to support local partners who provide medical and behavioral health care to historically underserved populations, including helping at-risk youth, homeless people, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, among others; and addressing the social determinants of health.

“This grant recognizes that our community is in desperate need of resources that contribute to overall well-being and well-being, including access to high-quality health care, social, educational, and emotional support,” said Isaac P. Dapkins, MD, chief medical officer of NYU Langone Family Health Centers. “The scale and reach of the programs supported by this award will allow us to reach more people during the pandemic and beyond.”

“Our community faces many health challenges amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic,” says MP Nydia Velazquez, which helped secure federal funding. “US bailout funding ensures that NYU Langone Family Health Centers continue their important work, providing crucial services during an unprecedented time.”

About NYU Langone Family Health Centers
Mainly located in Sunset Park, brooklyn, one of the most Medicaid-focused communities United States, NYU Langone Family Health Centers is a community-based program that provides high-quality primary and preventive outpatient care to adults and children, regardless of ability to pay or health insurance status. The program serves approximately 100,000 people each year through brooklyn and other parts of New York City.

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