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Asha workers embarrassed after Maharashtra government provided rubber penis in family planning kit for demonstration

Bouldhana, March 20: Various measures are taken by Indian state governments to control the population. The state government’s public health department plays a major role in such things. In an interesting development that has come to light in Maharashtra, the state government’s decision to have a rubber penis in the family planning kit has caused quite a stir.

The family planning kit provided by the state government now also includes a rubber penis which has upset Asha workers. How to wear a condom? Everything you need to know about the most effective birth control method used for safer sex (Watch the video)

The rubber penis was provided by the state government in family planning kits. Although the government has included the rubber penis for demonstration purposes, the asha workers are a bit embarrassed by this development. They think going to rural areas with a rubber penis will cause a lot of embarrassment.

Health officials said the rubber penis was given to Asha workers for demonstration. Meanwhile, various initiatives are being taken in the state to control population growth. Condom maker Karex switches to making medical gloves amid falling condom sales during lockdown

The state government’s public health department also implements a family planning initiative. Meanwhile, in the whole affair, some female workers seem outraged. But since the subject is sensitive and equally private, no one is ready to come in front of the camera and talk.

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