Family affair

Brimfield’s top-ranked women’s basketball team, a family affair

BRIMFIELD, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) – Those are two reasons Brimfield is having a great basketball season.

Seniors Ella Lune and Elynn Peterson aren’t just starters at undefeated Brimfield, they’re cousins.

“I’ll walk to her house and if she’s not there I’ll talk to her parents,” Peterson said. “We always talk or we text, we time each other face to face. This is the bond that everyone wishes to have.

The seniors have been basketball teams since sixth grade.

“For being cousins ​​with Elynn, she’s my best friend. We are family on and off the pitch, teammates on and off the pitch,” Lune said. “We are like the Dynamic Duo. It’s special for me to play with her all these years.

But Peterson and Moon aren’t the only players on the team who are linked. Brimfield have ten players on their roster and surprisingly five are playing alongside their cousins.

Peterson and Lune are first cousins, the second Olivia Kabbes is Peterson’s first cousin. And that’s not all.

Senior Maddie Hessing and junior Elly Doe are cousins.

It’s crazy because we live in such a small community. You wouldn’t think we would all be connected and close to each other,” Hessing said.

Brimfield is ranked No1. in the Class 1A women’s basketball poll and is off to an 8-0 start. Family ties could be one of the reasons why this list feels like one big family.

And one reason why the team looks so connected.

“It’s one thing to have such a strong team with your teammates, but to have it with another member of the family is much more special,” Peterson said. “We’re not going to play together again after this season. It’s going to be memorable and maybe that’s sad.

Coach Maribeth Dura admits she only realized a few weeks ago that her team had this big family tree this season.

“I didn’t know (Doe and Hessing) were related,” Dura said. “I just thought they had always been (close) with each other. But it helps for the rides, the parents sit together. It makes sense.