Family planning

Britain gives $19m to UN family planning program in Iraq – Middle East Monitor

The UK is investing $19 million in the United Nations Population Fund’s (UNFPA) multi-year family planning program in Iraq, the UN agency announcement yesterday.

The statement said the new partnership will improve national policies and regulations on access to family planning with a focus on young people and vulnerable groups.

“It will also educate policy makers, community leaders and influencers about family planning, reproductive rights and the dangers of child marriage,” he added.

According to the declaration, the contribution will enable all women, young people and people with disabilities to access good quality family planning services, reliable and age-appropriate information, life skills, education on reproductive health and rights and to better understand the negative consequences of child marriage.

The statement quotes the British Ambassador to Iraq, Mark Bryson-Richardson, as saying: “The UK is delighted to work with UNFPA and the Iraqi government to support Iraq’s family planning strategy. This will see local communities, especially young people and women, able to make informed choices about their reproductive health and have access to quality health care. Investing in family planning has very high returns, both directly to health and households, as well as broader economic and political stability.

Acknowledging the UK support, UNFPA Representative in Iraq Dr Rita Columbia said: “This funding will help to empower families and women to make informed choices about when to have children, that will improve the health of mothers and children, and general well-being. families. The project will also support the prevention of early marriage and the empowerment of girls and women to contribute to their communities.

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