Family affair

Business Beat: A family affair

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Local dad and daughter team up to start trash cleaning service

By Norb Garrett

How many high school kids do you know who, after graduating from high school, decide to start a new business with their dad? We’re not talking about taking over the family business, we’re talking about starting a new business from scratch.

Well, that’s exactly what 2021 San Clemente High School graduate Reese Zebell did. With a pandemic still raging last winter and the uncertainty of being able to attend college in person, Reese, who worked at Surfside Pizza in Shorecliffs, was open to ideas.

“(My dad) once came to me with a business idea that we could start together,” recalls 18-year-old Reese, who was born and raised in San Clemente after his parents moved from Illinois there. is 23 years old. “I wanted to learn about the business world, so I thought, why not? »

The idea his father presented to him was unique to Southern California.

“A client of mine was considering starting a dumpster cleaning service in Florida,” said David Zebell, Reese’s father, who works full-time as a contractor at AC&H Services. “Apparently they’ve been doing it for a while in Europe, so I started researching it and although it happens in all 50 states, no one is offering it here in the area. There’s a couple in San Diego and one in Los Angeles, but none here. So that made me think we should do it here.

The father-daughter team set to work to come up with a business plan. Reese would do all the marketing and branding work; David would do all the physical cleaning of the bins.

They placed an order for a custom truck built exactly for the job in June. Built in Arizona by EWI Industries (one of three such manufacturers in the United States), the truck contains its own water supply and spray jets at a cost of approximately $110,000.

“COVID really delayed the whole process,” said David, who had hoped to start the business in the summer but had to wait until November to collect the truck and have the proper paperwork processed. “It would have been nice to have the summer to start, but everything is going well. We’ve had a great response over the past month or so from our hometown of San Clemente.

Reese and David have already had 59 customers, all of them residential, and eventually want to have around 30 customers a month on a recurring basis. The cost of cleaning the trash cans is $45 for two trash cans per quarter, $70 for two trash cans every six months, and $80 for two trash cans per year. Additional bins cost $15 per bin, up to five in total.

“It works a bit like a gym membership,” said David, who notes that the truck uses biodegradable, eco-friendly soap, and the whole process takes place inside the truck thanks to custom spray heads and hydraulic lifts. “We capture all the dirty water in a hopper. Nothing is going on the street.

As business expands, the truck fleet will also grow, although there is now an eight-month backlog of truck orders due to supply chain issues caused by the pandemic. But for now, Reese and David are focused on building Beach City Bin Cleaners in the San Clemente, Dana Point, and San Juan Capistrano areas.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Reese said. “People always come out to talk and say hello. It’s going to be a lot of work, but we’re going to work very hard. »

Beach City Trash Cleaners



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