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Cher’s friends fear a nervous breakdown after family, health issues and unverified rumors

Is Dear collapse? A report says her friends are concerned for the well-being of the “Believe” singer after an alarming social media post. The gossip cop investigation.

“Fears of nervous breakdown”

According to World, Cher is devastated by trauma and agony. In a recent Twitter post, Cher wrote in all caps, “These are the worst years I’ve ever seen” and apologized for leaving the network in recent months. Sources believe this post is the result of a series of traumas.

Mary Bono, Sonny Bono’s fourth wife, is currently suing Cher for unpaid royalties. the Dreamer star also suffers from migraines and may even have a brain tumor. The outlet also makes sure to mention that she is also battling with her two adult children, “gender swap” Chaz Bono and Elijah Blue Allman.

“Cher has a very bottom-up relationship with her two sons and it’s a definite cause of sadness and pain for her at this time,” a source said. Her micromanagement has smothered her sons, and neither wants anything to do with her right now. Cher is also worried about her 95-year-old mother in Georgia amid the crisis in Ukraine, the insider concludes.

We’ll take a look

First of all, referring to Chaz Bono as a “sex-swapper” is deeply unnecessary. The story is not about him and his identity is irrelevant. Occasional transphobia is embarrassing and shameful.

It’s true that Cher is in trouble right now, but this story is completely misleading. For those who don’t follow it, Cher always uses all caps in his publications on social networks, so it is not abnormal.

The star is pretty vocal on Twitter, so seeing her express her feelings isn’t either. However, the tabloid omitted its follow-up comment.

Additionally, the bulk of Cher’s stream — both before and after the “worst years” tweet — focused on Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Removal of these contextual elements reveals that this report is nothing more than an attempt to mislead readers.

The world East on fire, so it’s hard to say Cher is wrong here. It just expresses what millions of people feel all the time. Real friends don’t talk to the tabloids, so these vague brain tumor fears are totally made up. While the magazine portrays Cher as frail and struggling, she seems to carry on as usual. She apparently had a great time watching the Oscars, cheering on Liza Minelli and having a drink before the biggest moment of the night.

A frequent target

Back in June World reported that Cher would die very soon. It’s been promoting her death for years now, with headlines screaming that Cher will die soon. She does not have. He even accused Cher of being a man-eater during COVID-19 for some reason. You cannot trust this report on his health when the source has been wrong so many times before.