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Child Family Health International (CFHI) Partnership | MUSK

Child Family Health International (CFHI) and the Center for Global Health have partnered through an Institutional Affiliation Agreement to engage MUSC students and interns in a wide variety of community health projects in low-income countries low and intermediate. Providing programs specifically designed for MUSC students and interns, CFHI is a leader in global health education, facilitating global health experiences that meet rigorous ethical, safety, and academic standards.

  • Locations: 40 programs in 12 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, United States
  • How to apply: complete CFHI online application. To waive the $45 application fee, enter the code “MUSK
  • Students and interns can choose from one of 40 programs based on location or a specific health goal.

“It has been an incredible asset to work with students from around the world and gain their diverse perspectives on a multitude of global and public health issues. A significant portion of my cohort was made up of medical students from Costa Rica and the Kenya.”

Samuel Jones, 2021 CFHI Virtual Elective in Global Health

CFHI’s community-based global health education programs integrate students into existing health systems alongside local medical and public health professionals. Students are paired with local clinicians, who serve as clinical preceptors and provide a unique perspective on local culture and the community health system. Participants rotate through clinics and hospitals, attend lectures, and immerse themselves in the community health system.

CFHI places great emphasis on public health, cross-cultural skills, and community engagement by involving students in sustainable health services to underserved communities.

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