Family affair

Clothing business a family affair |

GRANGEVILLE — “If I had to describe our company, I would say it is a reflection on canvas of our love and passion for the outdoors,” said Mike Burch. “Clearly, we like to sell not only shirts, but also clothes with prints that show the world what this passion is.”

Burch and his wife, Brandee, own and operate Rut Hard Clothing Co., in Grangeville. The business began, Burch said, when he wanted five shirts made for an upcoming archery season for him and his hunting partners.

Mike Burch and his family own and operate “Rut Hard Clothing”.

“Before, we never, ever had any interest in doing something like this,” he said. However, as they contacted several companies that made bespoke garments, they didn’t seem to find the time to meet, chat and have these shirts made. “So I thought, ‘I wonder what it would take to make mine?’ and I started researching the whole process of making shirts and one thing stood out from every video or article I watched and read: “If you’re thinking of starting a business with printing, do -the !”

This repeated itself in every video. So I contacted a friend, Cayle Johnson, owner of Elkd Up Apparel, and he gave me lots of information about the process. After that, I prayed a lot and got nothing but awesome answers, so we invested in gear, lined up our legal ducks and jumped headfirst.

The Burches try to stay away from custom orders unless it’s something close to their hearts like perks or fundraisers etc. “Our heart is with Rut Hard Clothing, and that’s a lot to hold on to,” he said.

“We never imagined it would take off like this, and we’ve been so busy,” he added.

Burch said the whole region “gives a reflection of what vacation is and should be.”

“Local functions, businesses and people, they all seem to be soaking up and spreading the Christmas and holiday spirit,” he said. “I see so many donations and people helping each other without asking for anything in return. That’s how it should be, like the days I remember when I was a kid in a small town. I see that many other places seemed to let that slip and fade, so it makes me even more grateful to live and raise my daughters where I do!”

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