Family health

COVID-19 situation has ‘ballooned’ in North Hastings, family health team doctor says

North Hastings will see more cases in the coming days, and residents should take steps to protect others this holiday season.

Dr. Carolyn Brown of the Bancroft Family Health Team says that because Hastings Prince Edward Public Health is inundated with cases, the COVID numbers on their website don’t paint an accurate picture. As Dr Brown heads the Bancroft COVID-19 Assessment Center, she says there are more than 50 active cases of the virus in the area.

Dr Brown says the center is currently undergoing 130 tests a day, with some contacts coming from out of town. On the Health Unit side, she says the situation has gotten to the point where active cases are being asked to do their own contact tracing because they no longer have the resources to do so.

Dr. Brown says that while getting a quick COVID-19 test is difficult, residents should try to get one before attending family events. People should be careful not to enter large groups without masks. In particular, Dr Brown urges people to be careful not to pass the virus on to unvaccinated people, as they are more likely to end up in hospital.

Additionally, Dr. Brown urges people to respect each other. She says the incidents of swearing and not being nice are counterproductive and won’t help. She asks people to be patient as North Hastings testing facilities continue to navigate through rising cases.