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DeShawn Taylor, MD, M.Sc., FACOG of Desert Star Family Planning Joins Amici Curiae Brief Opposing Mississippi’s 15-Week Abortion Ban Law

DeShawn Taylor MD. is a board-certified OB/GYN, clinical teacher, advocate for women’s health and reproductive rights, and owner of Desert Star Family Planning in Phoenix, Arizona. Desert Star Family Planning offers fully integrated women’s health and sexual health services, including abortion.

As part of Taylor’s substantial commentary on the amicus curiae brief recently filed with the United States Supreme Court regarding the Mississippi A 15 week abortion ban case, she shared an anecdote of being called to the hospital to care for a 22 week pregnant mother of 3 who was suffering from heart failure. Dr. Taylor performed a life-saving abortion that almost instantly improved the mother’s heart condition, so the mother was able to rejoin her family after just a few days.

“Abortion care saves lives;” Taylor notes, “It’s just part of the continuum of health care options that should be available, easily accessible, safe, and legal for those who end up pregnant, and it should be talked about in that context. It shouldn’t be politicized. , and that shouldn’t be separated from anything else a pregnant person might think of.”

Abortion providers face considerable opposition and barriers to providing abortion care, and Dr. Taylor has, in her own words, “a trifecta of harassment triggers: ‘She’s black, she’s a woman and she provides abortion care. Although Dr. Taylor had been providing abortion care for 20 years, private practice was not something she envisioned.

Taylor comments, “I felt there was a way to treat people when they sought abortion care. Over time, working in various delivery systems, it became clear that I I wasn’t going to be able to create this by working for someone else. The reasons why Desert Star Family Planning exists.”

Dr. Taylor and his staff intended to cultivate a one-stop safe space for those who may have had negative experiences seeking health care. The practice recently added gender-affirming care to provide hormone therapy for transgender people who want to medically transition.

“All aspects of reproductive health care are intimate and vulnerable,” Taylor commented. “There are so many traumatic and oppressive experiences people go through to seek reproductive health care in general, not just those seeking abortion care.”

While Dr. Taylor dreamed of being a neurosurgeon as a child, she discovered a passion for women’s health while in medical school and decided to become an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Taylor notes, “It really wasn’t a problem whether I provided abortion care or not. But when I started my training, I discovered how polarizing it was, and with that came the realizing that once you decide you’re going to provide an abortion you’re automatically an advocate. You can’t just provide the care and you just can’t go to work… that’s something that has to be a vital aspect of your life and that is close to your heart.

ABOUT Dr. By Shawn TaylorMD, MSc, FACOG Dr. By Shawn Tayloris a board-certified gynecologist and family planning specialist, clinical professor, and reproductive justice advocate who established the Desert Star Family Planning Clinic in Phoenix in 2013 and founded the nonprofit Desert Star Institute for Family Planning, of which she is president, in 2017. Recognized in 2020 by the NAACP of Maricopa County as a trailblazer, Dr. Taylor is committed to providing an unwavering resource for family planning and sexual health care, a safe and welcoming space for queer, transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary people, and an abortion education center. She is a trusted thought leader on reproductive justice who shares her expertise with various national, state and local boards, committees and programs. She has co-authored academic publications and appeared in local and national television, print and digital media, including Rewire News, Huffington Post, ABC 15, NBC 12, the Arizona Republic, SELF Magazine and Bloomberg News. . Dr. Taylor received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the David Geffen School of Medicine in UCLA. After completing postgraduate training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at King/Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles, Californiashe completed the Family Planning Fellowship at University of Southern California where she also earned a Master of Science in Clinical and Biomedical Investigations.

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