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Federal government awards Greater Lawrence Family Health Center $600,000 for physician residency program

The Greater Lawrence Family Health Center is receiving $567,400 in Federal Teaching Health Center Grant to support its medical residency program.

Congresswoman Lori Trahan said last week that the award came from the Department of Health and Human Services through the Affordable Care Act Teaching Health Center’s graduate medical training program.

“As the nation’s first accredited teaching health center, Greater Lawrence Family Health Center has continued to provide essential health services to its patients while training new generations of physicians who uniquely understand the needs in health care for traditionally underserved communities,” said Trahan.

In June, Trahan co-sponsored the Community Physicians Act, which would permanently authorize the educational program, provide greater annual funding for fiscal years 2024 through 2033, and increase the number of residency slots available each year.

The program provides money to 56 teaching health centers and enables more than 700 resident physicians to be trained to serve in marginalized rural and urban communities as primary care physicians.

Dr. Guy Fish, president and CEO of the Greater Lawrence Family Health Centre, said the award allows the Health Center “to focus on the future expansion of our internationally recognized Lawrence family medicine residency program. nationwide over the next four years” and “to help us continue to meet the strong demand for training a diverse primary care workforce who can cope with growing health care disparities facing our nation.

The Lawrence Family Medicine Residence was founded in 1994 and is considered the first family medicine residence owned and operated by a community health center.

To further support the work of community health centers in the district, Trahan also announced that $1.1 million of federal money from the American Rescue Plan Act will come to the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center, which operates in Lawrence, Haverhill. and Methuen.