Family affair

For Spurs’ Doug McDermott, golf is a family affair

SAN ANTONIO — This South Texas town gave Doug McDermott and his family the perfect Christmas present: a hot day.

With the weather cooperating well for a game of golf, McDermott and his father, Greg, and brother, Nick, spent a game of Saturday at TPC San Antonio.

“It was good to be out over Christmas,” said the Spurs striker. “Us people in the Midwest don’t have that opportunity too much.”

Golf is huge in the McDermott clan. Greg McDermott, head coach of the Creighton men’s basketball team, is an avid golfer with “probably a 6 handicap,” Doug said.

“(Golf) is really my only hobby outside of basketball,” Greg McDermott, who coached his son at Creighton, told the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier in a 2005 interview when he was head coach at Northern Iowa. “It’s very enjoyable for me. It’s something that’s a great escape from some of the things that go on in college athletics.

Nick McDermott is a rookie golfer and caddy, who will be on Ryan Moore’s PGA bag this season, starting with the Sony Open next month in Hawaii.

Doug’s cousin and Greg’s nephew, Evan McDermott, is an outstanding high school golfer from Spring Lake, Michigan who is committed to playing collegiate in Nebraska.

“He can beat us all,” Doug said. “He’s a very good player.”

Doug, who says he has a 5 or 6 handicap, said there’s no casual game of golf for the McDermotts.

“It’s very competitive,” he said. “We kick my brother around, and it’s usually a pillow fight between me and my dad to see who can win between the two of us. It’s always a good time. We really appreciate it. It’s something we’ve been doing for a very long time.

Doug said it’s no surprise that many NBA snipers are also good at golf.

“I think it’s hand-eye coordination for a shooter,” he said. “Steph Curry is like one of the best golfers in the league, and he’s obviously the best 3-point shooter, so there could be a correlation there.”

Doug said there are aspects of golf that also translate to the course and vice versa.

“I think the next shot mentality kind of helps,” he said. “When you play golf, you have 18 holes and you have a lot of swings, so if you hit a bad one, you can’t dwell on it too much because you still have a lot of golf to play. “You miss a few shots to start the game, it doesn’t mean the game is over.” You keep hooking up for 48 minutes. »