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Greater Elgin Family Care Center is now called Greater Family Health New name reflects commitment to mission, high quality care and better health

According to President/CEO Bob Tanner.

In support of this unifying name, Greater Family Health is also launching a new website and streamlined call center to make it easier for patients to find the care and support they need across the network.

“Three things won’t change,” Tanner said. “First, our important mission will always remain the same: to provide quality, affordable health care for everyone, including those who lack the ability to pay. Second, patients will always be able to see practitioners and members of the team who cared for them all. Finally, they will always have access to the patient portal and their complete medical file.”

“What’s changing, however, is that all of our locations are now unified under one name to help patients learn more about – and access – the exceptional clinical and support services available across our organization,” continued Tanner.

Greater Family Health includes nine health centers which, until today, used eight different names.

“Not only was this confusing, but we also found through research that most people who used one of our health centers were unaware of the other locations and services we offer,” Tanner said. “By using a single name, streamlining our website and social media strategy, and establishing a single phone number, we will increase awareness of all the services offered by our organization.”

Greater Family Health provides preventive, diagnostic and treatment services and programs for people of all ages, with dedicated programs in women’s health, pediatric care, adult and seniors’ health, services dental and behavioral health, among others.


To help break down barriers to care, Greater Family Health also offers patient support services such as translation services, registration for health benefits, discounted pharmaceuticals, transportation assistance, as well as care and case management.

For more information, call (844) 599-3700.

Greater Family Health’s nine locations, serving a five-county region northwest of Chicago, Illinois, are the region’s first federally licensed health center, offering the full range of primary care services fully integrated quality products at affordable prices. As FQHC, Greater Family Health respects and cares for every person in the underserved community. The organization is nationally recognized as a Million Heart Hypertension Control Champion, accredited by the Joint Commission, and certified as a Primary Care Medical Home. For more information, visit