Family affair

It’s a family affair! Marsai Martin and his dad launch new Dad Jeans campaign with Hollister

Actress Marsai Martin and his father, Joshua Martin, have teamed up with Hollister for a new dad jeans campaign.

The new denim campaign is titled “Respect The Jeans” and celebrates fashionable wide leg jeans and the variety of ways they can be styled. As part of the campaign, Marsai and his dad will use the hashtag #HollisterTok to share all the wisdom of dad jeans with styling your Hollister looks.

“I’m super excited to work with Hollister. When it comes to jeans, I want to make sure I’m wearing something comfortable, something with this good quality, versatile jeans and Hollister is literally on top of that. said Marsai. united girls.

When it comes to styling your dad’s jeans. Marsai offered some of his own personal advice, including going retro.

“Embrace the throwback styles your dad used to rock,” Marsai said. “Pair your favorite Hollister Dad jeans with an oversized polo or button down shirt (or do what I do and borrow them from Dad’s closet!”)

In a real nod to ’90s fashion, Marsai also suggests balancing out your dad jeans look and pairing baggy jeans with a crop top. She also encourages wearers to dress her up.

Marsai has been active since the end of the last season of Blackish. She recently released her interior design show Remix my spaceannounced her nail line, Mari By Marsai, and is now working alongside her father in a denim campaign.

“I can do it with my dad, which is even better because we’ve never really worked together as a talent together. It’s always been behind the scenes or as producers,” Marsai said.

Working with his dad on a project was something the producer said was “surprisingly” fun.

“We’re both Leos and that’s really how we are, but it was a lot of fun. We had to use different accessories around the house and use our creative minds in other ways,” he said. -she explains.