Family planning

Karen Testerman: Governor Sununu Uses Public Funds to Support Family Planning | Letters to the Editor

The Governor sets the agenda for the Executive Council. In other words, the Governor controls which contracts are considered when allocating publicly generated funds, your taxpayers’ money. It is the possibility for the governor to advance his program.

All civil officers, except municipal officers, take an oath to “uphold the Constitution”, Part 2, Section 84. In Part 1, Section 1 states that all men are born…and Section 2 states that “All men (mankind) enjoy certain natural, essential, and inherent rights, among which are the enjoyment and defense of life…”

The executive councilors are elected by the people. They are the last to represent the public when reviewing contracts that spend the dollars entrusted to the government to administer the affairs of the state. Executive Councilors are responsible for “supporting the Constitution”, the law of the land.

“I might put it on the agenda every week, who knows? “, Governor Chris Sununu said of the contracts repeatedly rejected by the Executive Council. That’s how he forced the $27 million contracts with the federal government that the people opposed. He did the same with the vaccine registry, and now he is forcing the use of public funds to send more funds under the guise of “family planning” to organizations that destroy (not defend) human lives.

Throughout his service as Executive Councilor (with one exception) and as Governor, Chris Sununu has used his power to compel New Hampshire public funds to support Planned Parenthood and similar organizations. Where in the New Hampshire Constitution does it give the Governor or the Executive Council the power to give public funds to give state sovereignty or to destroy human life?