Family affair

Pandemic made watching TV a family affair, study finds

The pandemic has made watching TV a bigger part of family life, a new study has found.

Research conducted for Yahoo and advertising agency Publicis found that even though people were isolated from friends and colleagues, they were sticking together and congregating around bright screens.

Increased screen time at home has resulted in 64% of families spending more time watching shows together and 49% planning family movie nights.

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Families are also spending more on TV equipment and content. The study found that 46% of families have subscribed to new streaming services and 26% have upgraded their internet services. Only 12% added new cable plans.

According to the survey, children received new equipment to watch these services, with 47% of them getting tablets sooner than they would have been had it not been for the pandemic, 36% getting new cell phones and 25% of televisions.

Home screens have also been used to keep children in touch with friends. Among parents of children aged 12-17, 44% said they encouraged children to use devices to stay connected and 41% said they had increased their children’s screen time allowance .

Parents reported behavioral changes marketers should be aware of, with 63% saying they are shopping more online, 52% using apps to order takeout food and drink, and 51% using in-store services such as pick-up or home delivery. ■