Family planning

People’s Welfare Department Launches Family Planning Campaign

LAHORE: The Provincial People’s Welfare Department has announced a full-throttle campaign for family planning in the province and in this regard, the department on Wednesday shared its “advocacy campaign leading to a call to action, social and behavioral change” with the media at the Lahore Press Club.

Those who spoke to the media from the People’s Welfare Department were Administrative and Financial Manager M Shahid Nusrat and Project Manager of Annual Development Program M Akhtar Bhatti.

People’s Welfare Department officials informed that the department will sensitize the masses through village theater and puppet shows at Rafi Peer Theater in 81 tehsils. A Youth Resource Center within the Directorate General of the People’s Welfare Department will also be set up in addition to launching a campaign in the nine divisions of Punjab through publicity, placing boats to steam, installing billboards and banners.

The department will also hold seminars in all districts and engage media professors from five universities in Punjab as advisers and students of journalism departments in the campaign. In addition, special supplements will be published in the newspapers and morning and sports programs on television will raise awareness about health and the family.

The Punjab Information Technology Board will create a dashboard to assess the progress of the campaign. All social media platforms will also be used to disseminate information among the population.

AFPGMI team visits the office of emergency services: A 27-member delegation including more professors and officers-in-training from the Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical Institute (AFPGMI) headed by the Commander of AFPGMI visited the headquarters and the Academy of Emergency Services to better understand the working mechanism of the emergency services.

They attended ongoing specialized training activities on Fire, Rescue, Medical, Deep Well Rescue, Burning, Fire Fit Challenge, Height Rescue, Water Rescue, Swimming, Searching and urban rescue and physical training. Delegates also toured the medical, fire and rescue labs where they learned about the proper use of lifesaving equipment in rescue operations as well as its use at the Emergency Services Academy for training purposes.

The delegation was briefed on the functioning of the Provincial Monitoring Cell established to ensure uniform service standards in all districts of Punjab. In the cell, they were briefed on the monitoring system, which included visual monitoring of control rooms, fleet management and tracking system, citizen feedback and global emergency data. In addition, the operating mechanism of the patient transfer service, motorcycle ambulance service and 1192 lost hotline were also informed to them.

AFPGMI Commander Major General Zaheer Akhtar said it was an honor and a pleasure to visit such an excellent organization at 1122.