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Planned Parenthood to file federal lawsuit after claiming 7-year-old girl was bullied and injured by teacher – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Speaking to CBS4 with her mother right next to her, 7-year-old Amaria Clark is one happy kid.

“I like to play the piano and I like to eat my mom’s food,” she told CBS4 with a smile.

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She was a student at Airbase Elementary School in Homestead. This was until recently after allegations that she was bullied by a teacher. Now his family plans to file a federal lawsuit.

“I was hurt. I’m still hurt,” her mother Adah Clark said. “I sent her to school, the way I send her to school is the way I expect until she comes back,” she said. “She’s loving, she’s sweet, she’s kind. She loves. She’s not a naughty kid, she’s not a vicious kid.

Family lawyers say Amaria, who has developmental delay, was abused by a teacher, so she was removed from class. It was after this that the lawyers say the professor fought back.

“To see Amaria boarding the bus home, getting in from behind, swooping down on Amaria without any provocation, without warning, grabbing Amaria from behind, shaking her and pulling her to falsely accuse this little girl of stealing a phone cellphone, which was there no cellphone,” attorney Rawsi Williams said.

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According to the family, Amaria suffered a sprained arm and had to wear a sling.

“No child should have to go to school worried about what’s going to happen to them when it comes to teachers and administrators,” Williams said.

The Miami-Dade School District released a statement saying, “These are serious allegations that were thoroughly investigated when they were first reported. The investigation concluded with a finding of no probable cause.

Attorney Frank Allen disputes this.

“There was no clearing. Once we get a chance to drop off school officials, the teacher and some of those students, we’ll see if she’s cleared,” he said.

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School officials said the teacher had worked for the district for 45 years and had not been subject to any previous disciplinary action.