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Resolute Announces Launch of Family Health Design, Health News, ET HealthWorld Tools

Bengaluru, 5e April 2022: Resolute, an integrated digital health and wellness service offering virtual care, precision wellness, and physician-led programs for the whole family, announces the launch of its family health design tools .

The Resolute Family Health Design is an evidence-based set of pathways and tools to improve the health of the whole family. It’s a whole-person, whole-family approach to ensuring the healthiest life possible for everyone. With this tool, families can design and achieve their goals together for eternal health and happiness.

Family health design tools span the dimensions of medicine, wellness, environment, and relationships. It includes modules including Home Care Preparedness, Healthy Kitchen Analyzer, Health Insurance Design, Air Quality Optimization, and Sleep Environment Upgrade.

Home Care Readiness is the first module that is released for end-consumer use. The pandemic was the main reason that made us realize the importance of being prepared for home care with the necessary first aid and medical supplies. In addition to this, access to virtual care from doctors and healthcare team is also crucial to manage daily and immediate and/or emergency first aid at home.

With Resolute, you can prepare your home care kit in just 3 steps: Assess your “home care readiness” using the Resolute app which covers first aid, basic care, flu and cough, pain and fever, intestinal problems and remote health monitoring. Build your own home care kit yourself using our application tips or get a Resolute “Whole of Me” subscription that comes with a well-designed home care kit. Follow evidence-based self-care and first aid practices using our Resolute Mobile App or seek care from our Resolute Virtual Care Team which includes expert nurses and GPs.

The Healthy Kitchen Analyzer is a module that helps improve safety and promote healthy practices in the kitchen, where a family’s health has an impact. With Resolute AI Guided Assessment, one can assess users’ cooking practices and get evidence-based recommendations along with proven recommendations to improve family health by enabling beneficial practices and limiting others.

Health insurance design, air quality optimization and sleep environment upgrade modules will be released soon, which will help users to design the right health insurance, optimize the quality air at home and improve their sleep environment for better sleep and recovery.

Sharing its joy at the launch of this offer, Vignesh Babu J – Director of Platforms and Products at Resolute, said: “With the Family Health Design module, we believe this will be a big step forward in giving consumers evidence-based tools to improve family health and well-being. This module has been designed with principles that are in line with our “whole me” and “whole family” approach. Each of these tools has been conceptualized, designed and built by a team of clinicians, scientists, behavioral experts and engineers. This is a one-of-a-kind offering that will provide consumers with evidence-based tools to design their own health and positive outcomes.

Resolute provides a digital system of care for the whole family. Resolute takes an intuitive, always-on, holistic and results-driven approach to health. The launch of family health design is a step in the direction of producing eternal health and happiness for families.