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Resources for Employees and Family | United States Customs and Border Protection

Welcome to Employee and Family Resources, your trusted source for information about resources, benefits, and programs available to you, our valued CBP employees, and your family members.

Employee and Family Resources make it easy to navigate and understand the variety of CBP programs, benefits, and services you can access to help you and your family thrive. CBP also provides free, confidential services to help you plan for life’s greatest moments and face life’s greatest challenges, programs designed to help you achieve a better work-life balance, and more. .

  • Visit Family for information on resources and benefits to help you with major life events (for example, marriage, parenthood, and child and elder care).
  • Visit Benefits for more information on federal benefits for you and your immediate family (for example, health care, life insurance, and retirement plans).
  • Visit Worklife Balance for more information on resources and programs designed to help you thrive on and off the job (eg, CBP Employee Assistance Programs, Transportation Benefits, and Leave Policy).
  • Visit Ways to Connect for information on resources and programs designed to ensure you and your family get the benefits you’ve earned through your military service and connect with your community (e.g. Veterans Support Program , family outreach and volunteering).
  • Visit Health and Wellness for tips, tricks and resources for achieving and maintaining physical and mental fitness.
  • Visit Quick Links for easy access to online tools that CBP employees use frequently (eg, WebTA, MyEPP, EAP, eOPF, FSAFeds, TSP and more).

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