Family planning

Restoring Women’s Access to Medicaid Family Planning Services

Family planning services allow women to make their own choices about whether and when to have children. These services, which are essential to ensure gender and racial equity and reproductive justice, are not limited to contraception, pregnancy testing and fertility services. For many low-income women, especially those living in states that have not expanded Medicaid, family planning coverage also provides access to important preventative health services.

Despite the importance of these services, actions in recent years at the federal level and in some states have reduced access to family planning services, especially for low-income women whose services are largely funded by Medicaid. and the federal Title X grant program for family planning. suppliers.

In a new blog post for the Commonwealth Fund, “Restoring Women’s Access to Medicaid Family Planning Services,” Manatt Health examines the limits some states have placed on Medicaid-funded family planning services. The post also outlines some potential actions the Biden administration could take to restore access for Medicaid enrollees to these essential services.

Read the blog post here.