Family affair

Sly and the family stone were truly a family affair

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Sly and the Family Stone did more than just write “Family Affair” – they lived it. In episode 3 of The Opus: There’s a Riotwe delve into the band’s family dynamics and like-minded relationships throughout music history.

You see, the “family” part of Sly and the Family Stone wasn’t just some clever naming convention. Family bands had long had a place in popular music, and there were actually four Stone relatives in the Family Stone: siblings Sly, singer/guitarist Freddie, singer/pianist Rose, and background singer Vet. . While their tensions were nothing compared to, say, Oasis, there were clashes. This doubled for non-blood related family members, especially during the birth period There’s a riot going on.

In this episode of The album Season 17, host Jill Hopkins welcome soul summer producer Joseph Patel and music journalist/editor of Braxton Family Values Steve Huey to look into the real family affair of Sly and the Family Stone. Together they discuss the Stone siblings’ place in the pantheon of parents making music together, the pros and cons of creating and doing business with family, and why sometimes it works out better than others.

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