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Sun Life Family Health Center launches new brand

Sun Life Family Health Center has rebranded itself as Sun Life Health, including a new logo. The company is the largest primary care provider in Pinal County.

Sun Life Family Health Center, Pinal County’s largest primary medical care provider, has been changing its name since its founding in 1976. The business will now be known as Sun Life Health.

Sun Life Health has grown from a small office with just two doctors to the largest primary care provider in Pinal County, serving 42,000 patients, 25% of whom are children. Throughout its more than 45-year history, Sun Life Health has been a resource to the community, both medically and in terms of county economic growth.

The company said it updated its brand, which includes a new logo, to better reflect who it is and what it has to offer.

“As we transition to our new brand over the next two years, we plan to continually innovate in our healthcare, expand our footprint and, above all, focus on the health of our patients. said Dr. Eddie Estrada, CEO of Sun Life Health.

Sun Life Health prides itself on providing coordinated care, where its staff creates a personalized health care plan for each patient. The practice offers a range of services, including pediatrics; dentistry; women’s health; on-site laboratory testing; pharmacy; telehealth; x-rays and more. They also offer same day tours and appointments. Their management aims to provide care for the whole person, including education in the prevention and support of chronic diseases as well as behavioral health.