Family affair

SwingSesh Playgrounds: Make fitness a family affair

We know how hard it is to exercise as busy parents. Between nap times, school pick-ups, returns to school and all our other parental duties, maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems to be under constant attack, especially as a family. Not only do we let our own health and fitness goals take a back seat, but we often fail to set our children the healthy example we want and know how to do.

Finding solutions that combine the needs of adults and children creates a unique win-win situation where families play together, get fit, and have the opportunity to lead by example and interact through play and fitness .

The solution: SwingSesh

As a result, SwingSesh was created to help parents achieve their fitness goals and to inspire their children. SwingSesh inspires the whole family to stay active by seamlessly combining top-tier strength and conditioning equipment with a high-quality playground.

SwingSesh was born out of a love of fitness, family and fun. As an active-duty US Marine pilot, SwingSesh founder Brad Leeman – a Noblesville native – needs to stay in shape to meet military standards, but has found that with a busy work schedule, going from Time in the gym took away from family time. He wanted to show his kids the importance of fitness in everyday life, and what better way to do that than to combine a home gym with a playset?

A whole new way to play

SwingSesh is unlike anything else on the market and is made right here in Indiana. Plus, SwingSesh is made of a sturdy steel frame designed to let the whole family play and exercise together. Kids will love the features, like swings, slides, monkey bars and climbing ladders. However, the SwingSesh is also designed for adults, as it includes pull-up bars, dip bars, box jumps, and custom options such as a squat rack, 15-foot climbing rope, and many other fitness accessories.

SwingSesh playground

Right in your garden

What could be more practical than your own garden? You don’t need to travel, hire a babysitter or prep. Families just have to put on their shoes and go! When the kids want to go out and play, you play too! As parents, it is our responsibility to align our needs with those of our children for the benefit of the whole family.

SwingSesh playground

Summer is fast approaching. Now is the time to step up your backyard game with something the whole family will love. Learn more about or follow SwingSesh on Instagram @teamswingsesh.