Family affair

The Biden boys are a family affair

The Joe Biden family has contracts with Chinese citizen businessmen who have direct ties to those at the top of China’s intelligence agency. They are men with business dealings with Biden’s son, Hunter, and the president’s brother, James, involving sums as noted.

• Che Feng: $20 million – business partner of former Vice Minister of State Security.
• Ye Jiaming: $5 million – Founder of CEFC, a Chinese energy company.
• Li Ming: $188,617 in Gemini investments.
• Zhao Xuejun: $5 million – Co-founder of Harvest Global Investments with the daughter of the former Minister of State Security.
• Patrick Ho: $1 million – senior executive of CEFC.

And let’s not forget the alleged donation of over $3 million to Hunter from the former Moscow mayor’s wife.

Hunter Biden was administratively discharged from the US Navy in 2014 after testing positive for cocaine. He was lucky enough to receive only an administrative discharge. Soon after, he was appointed to the board of Ukraine Natural Gas Company Burisma for $50,000 a month despite having no suitable experience.

Joe Biden was the Obama presidential spokesman for Ukraine. He bragged about telling Ukraine to switch prosecutors in a corruption probe or lose $1 billion in aid. Ukraine complied and Joe bragged, “Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.” Hunter said in a TV interview that he likely got the gas company job because of his father’s position.

Hunter Biden demanded a retainer of $2 million plus a “success fee” to release Libyan assets frozen by the Obama-Biden administration, according to the FBI. The FBI conducts a criminal investigation into Hunter’s business activities and taxes based on the contents of Hunter’s laptop. The emails show that Hunter did not report all of his business income. He recently paid $1 million in back taxes and has federal fraud and unlawful representation abroad charges pending. The emails suggest Hunter Biden and Joe Biden mixed funds, shared bank accounts and covered each other’s bills. Hunter had numerous deals in Ukraine and China that suggest a conflict of interest.

Hunter may have laundered money, taking millions, taking a percentage and remitting the rest to a US-based company associated with a Chinese organization, to circumvent Chinese government regulations on exporting currency . What is safe? Hunter lost a paternity lawsuit brought by a stripper, Lunden Roberts, while dating his brother’s widow.

Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, is under federal investigation for his role in bankrupt healthcare company Americare. In 2019, a lawsuit was filed in federal court claiming that James Biden and Americare executives promised and failed to line up investors. The lawsuit alleges James Biden urged them to borrow $10 million from a hedge fund. The lawsuit paints James Biden as a con man who used his connection to his brother to lure his victims.

The point is not to complain about Hunter or James Biden. On the contrary, it is dishonest to suggest that the father knew nothing of his son and brother’s deeds and business dealings, particularly Hunter trading his father’s success and influence for cash favors.

Joe Biden has had numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. He said: “When a woman alleges sexual assault, assume she is telling the truth.” . . but not when it’s Joe Biden.

• Tara Reede: 1995 – said she was sexually assaulted while working for him in 1995.
• Lucy Flores: 2019 – report of sexual assault.
• Amy Lappos: 2009 – claimed Joe Biden stomped on her at a fundraiser.
• Caitlyn Caruso: Said Joe Biden placed his hand on her thigh for an uncomfortable amount of time.
• JD Hill: Said Joe Biden got so hard on her that her husband was forced to intervene.
• Aly Coll: 2008 – said he was hit.
• Senate staff: Joe Biden was a “toucher” who made women uncomfortable.

Yeah, overall it’s more of a family affair.

Roger Oberbeck, is a Navy veteran, electrical engineer, naval nuclear engineer, author, and senior biotechnology validation engineer. He is a member of the Right Stuff committee and can be contacted at [email protected].